Incredibly Thin. Impeccably Crafted.

The Samsung Series 9 is virtually uniformly flat and only 0.5 inch (14.9mm) deep] thanks to Samsung’s engineering craftsmanship. Its super-slim components, like the LCD panel, fan and memory, are tailor-made just for the Series 9. And an innovative single shell body enables them to be precisely built into the frame.

Exceptionally Slim Design

Complement your own sense of style with an outstanding look and the refined design of the Samsung Series 9. Its sleek, aluminium body has been sand-blasted to achieve an elegant matt-finish. And it’s accentuated by a sophisticated Mineral Ash Black colour and beautifully crafted features.

Samsung Fast Solutions

  • Fast Booting- Help to reduce wasted time and stress with blazingly fast performance. So you can minimise the time waiting around when you need to get things done.
  • Fast Start- You can work and play with an “instant on”. Fast Start helps wake your notebook from sleep quickly .This hybrid sleep mode combines the fast start-up of sleep with the stability of hibernatFast Startion.
  • Fast Data Access- Get the information you need – when you need it! A Solid State Drive (SSD) can provide fast start up and data access times compared to a HDD. And with no moving parts it’s prone to minimal errors and damage.

HD+ Display

A HD+ high resolution display gives you an outstanding viewing area and images and text are incredibly sharp. So you can multi-task and get things done and enjoy almost every little detail of your favourite pictures and films.

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